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Friday, April 23, 2010

What Really Motivates Employees?

As of late I've been thinking..... what really motivates me to do my job at the best of my ability? I brainstormed on this for a while, and I came up with a list of things that I think might be motivating the people I work around. And the list of things (when narrowed down considerably to find the core concepts) came down to the following:

  • Money- Bonuses, Raises, Commisions, Ect
  • "Work Perks"- Use of company car/property, Special parking, Ect
  • Promotions- More responsibility, More authority, Bigger office, Ect
  • Recognition- Simply being recognized for a job well done

I know my limited business expierence means I'm probably missing things, but this is my blog.

My favorite of those four bullet points is the last one, recognition. Followed closely by promotions, money, and work perks. Give me an employee of the month parking space but don't tell me how great of a job I did on that last project and I'm likely to be not looking forward to our next assignment together.....

Maybe it's just the way I am, but I'd rather know that I'm part of a team where I'm truly appreciated than one that feels they have to give me things to keep me doing quality work. "Buying great work from great workers only works until someone comes along with a bigger bank book and buys them away from you. Inspiring great workers to do great work will inspire them to help take your team to the next level." Quote me on it. And remember that you heard it here first..... ok maybe not first. But still, work with me here, it's the truth! Learn to live by it, or fail the first time someone comes along and offers slightly greener pastures than you can.

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