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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Something Called Pride

As a former member of the University of Akron Marching Band(also known as Ohio's Pride) I remember clearly watching a video my first year member, Something Called Pride. The videos kinda lengthy and I don't want to link it here but feel free to google it. The idea, that pride is one of the most powerful tools to an organization like the marching band. But it has a new role in the world we're building from the ground up right now, as we speak, as you read my blog..... the age of social media. To steal from Set Godin, the age of social tribes.

I didn't want to focus on Ohio's Pride today, that's a subject for another time. I wanted to talk about a student organization called the AK-Rowdies. They are the official student fan section for the University of Akron Teams. They are a notoriously strong spirited bunch who's motto last year(during the opening season at their new football stadium) was, "New Stadium, New Rules, Get In, Stand Up, Cheer Loud, All Game, Every Game."
The thing that inspires me about this group, besides their obnoxious use of face paint and how loudly they scream, is their relentless loyalty to their team. They're proud of their team.... no matter what the score. Last year, my beloved Zips finished their football season with a crumby record of 3 & 9. But the Rowdies were there every game, no matter what.

These kids don't back down to larger schools, to bad weather, to a losing score, they're proud of their team and they stand by them time and time again. A saying they stick to, "I Bleed Blue & Gold." And it makes me wonder, do you stand by your team? No matter what the cost, are you proud of what you're doing? These kids are, I know I am. Pride can be viewed as a fatal flaw depending on who's telling the story. I think it works equally as a strength and a value to be smiled upon.
Are you proud of your "team?" Think about it....

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