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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Like A Laser Guided Gazelle"

Every office (or group, or team) has one of those inside jokes or phrases that either inspires us all or launches everyone into laughter. Today my good friend and supervisor, Adam hit me with a great one, he said, "Steve, get in there and attack like a laser guided gazelle!"
Before that incredibly awkward moment of silence after he said that, those words had no particular meaning to me. But now just thinking of it makes me smile. Adam succeeded in creating a Catalyst For Change that turned my attitude and perspective around using just five words:


Any time Adam notices I'm feeling down, frustrated, or just seem to not have that 'happy to serve the customer' look to me, he just has to say those five magically strange words and BAM there's a smile on my face, and a new perspective and attitude in my head!

Anything can be a catalyst, a phrase, word, picture, or even a sound. For Marines it's hearing "Semper Fi." For race drag racers it's seeing that green light. And for my Drum Corps friends, it's either hearing the word, "SET" on the practice field, or hearing the announcer at a competition say, "Bluecoats, you may take the field for competition...."

The concept is basic, create a catalyst that you can activate whenever your team is looking down..... and keep it at the ready!
This post is dedicated to an old friend, who I wish I could have had the time to get to know better,
Kristina Smith, 11/29/88 - 4/18/10
"Life has a funny way of pulling people apart, then shoving them back together again when and where you least expect it. I hope those days in between were filled with smiles and good memories. And I hope that the days to come will be filled with happy memories of times gone past for those who loved you. And for those of us who will miss you."
I'll miss you Kris. With all my heart. ~Stephen~

"She sees a million stars like holes in the sky. All gods tears for her they cry. And I am in her rain....." The Offspring, Fix You.

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