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Friday, April 2, 2010

This Knot Feels Like It'll Never Get Tied!

So over the past few weeks I've been busy helping my fiance Beth plan our wedding. Now here's where it gets interesting. The wedding isn't until May 2011. Everyone keeps saying to me, "....but you have more than 12 months! Stop worrying, stop stressing! It's plenty of time!"

Well, here's the truth to the tale. Beth is a RN (Nurse) at the Cleveland Clinic. And she works one month of day shift, then one month on nights. The night shift months, we barely get to talk for more than an hour.

Here's a typical day during one of those months:

8:00- I wake up & get ready for work, Beth leaves work and starts the drive home

8:45- I leave for work and pass Beth on the way out the door

9:30- I get to work, Beth goes to bed

6:00- I get off work and call Beth to wake her up

6:45- I get home, and cook dinner for the two of us while Beth takes a bath

7:45- Beth goes back to bed after dinner, I do whatever....

9:00- Beth wakes up and leaves for work

12:00- I go to bed, Beth calls when she can to say good night

So, needless to say, we don't get anything done during those months.

But in the last two weeks, Ive checked the following things off:

Bought my tux, Secured a Photographer(& talked down the price!), Secured a DJ, Secured a Pianist, Semi-secured a Chapel, (as of ten mins ago) Secured a wedding Coordinator, Started the first batch of mock ups for the wedding invitations, Restructured my guest list. We've had the reception hall locked up for a while now.

Tomorrow we have a meeting with the cake people..... and hopefully the invitations will be mocked up by Sunday.

It feels like it will never get done! AH!

So truth be told, we have about 6 months left because every other month will be the chaos I listed above! Wish us luck!

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