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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Changing Of The Guard

It's come to my attention that the tides have shifted, a new order has begun to form, and there's something just under the surface waiting to break into the spotlight at Incept. It's time for a changing of the guard, it's time for a group of talented young thinkers to make their mark.

I love the company I work for, I love it most because "it" has a personality. And Incept is growing up. Moving into the next stage of it's life. And driving that move forward is a talented group of young people, focused only on producing results beyond any ones highest expectations.

Yesterday I watched as our company held its monthly Employee Of The Month ceremony..... a veteran CME of many years was awarded the title of Most Improved. And then a young lady named Allison was honored to receive the title of Employee Of The Month & also win our "Life Saver Award." Allison has been with the company for only a fraction of her life, but she's already made a huge impact. In under a year, she's earned a place in Incept history and accomplished a first..... and I wish I could work with her more.

I look around while I'm at work, and see enough potential in such a small group of young people that I KNOW we can change not only the way that our company works, but the world. For no other reason but to give them credit, Chris, Tim, Allison, Jason, and again back to TIM!

We may be a some of the youngest employees at our company, but we are the next in line to make the difference.
The moral of the story, work hard, play harder, fight for what you believe in.
Now for the fair warning......
The Milennials are here...... and we're going to change the world. So either catch up, or move over! Because our generation won't be slowed down, much less stopped!

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  1. I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us at Incept!! Great post Stephen!!