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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finding The Best Fit For Your Team Members

Not every one's cut out for the top.....

That's a phrase many people would disagree with. Not me..... I think it's true.... but only if you also accept the fact that apparently you, as the leader of your team, have misplaced whoever it is that phrase is referring to! As the team leader, it's your job to make sure you've placed everyone in the right role where they can succeed, and reach not only their highest potential, but also allow you to maximize your teams goal reaching potential!

Since I work in a pretty complex, multi program/multi level team at Incept, it would be difficult to explain it in terms of how we do things at work. So instead, I'll simplify it down to the dynamics of our 'old school' sales team. There were a lot of levels to that team: Lead Generation Reps, Sales Reps, As Needed Sales Supervisors (who are also sales reps), Sales Team Supervisors, Support Staff, And Management Staff.

The pay gets better the higher up you move.... but does that mean your going to make more money?! NO! Bonuses are given for reaching goals set for you. And If you aren't the right fit for the job, you're not going to get to those goals! I've worked with sales supervisors who were HORRIBLE sales reps. And sales reps who should have stayed doing lead generation..... I was great in lead gen. but didn't reach my full potential in the sales rep position..... but I am striving to reach a support staff position! Because that's where my fit is. I lose bonus potential, at either level above or beyond a sales rep, but it's where I can be the best fit!

Bottom line. You have to identify the set of skills and personality traits that best fit every position in your team and make sure that you have the right person in the right spot! Without that fit..... your teams like a rowing team with all jocks on the left oars, and the 'math club' guys on the right oars..... you're going nowhere!

Get it!? FIND THE FIT!
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