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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Power Of Misinformation

Just the other day at work, I took an inbound blood bank call..... it was a nice young girl who was literally FREAKING OUT because as she stepped off of the donor coach at a blood drive her employer was hosting a friend yelled at her. They told her, "You shouldn't donate in the 'blood bus' because they sell your blood!!!!!"

This poor girl was having an emotional breakdown because she was afraid her blood was going to be sold off on some black market to the highest bidder for some freaky experiment or something! Bottom line is that the blood given at these drives is put right into the community supply just like it should be. (Here, have a look at one of my favorite blood centers blood supply, does it look like they can afford to just sell it off! These centers really need those units of blood!) But this guy had been told some very incorrect information, or he was just being a jerk and trying to scare this girl senseless. (If it was the later of the two he succeeded!)

What I'm getting at here is the power of being misinformed is huge! People will believe just about anything, including the wrong thing. If at all possible, when you find yourself in a tight spot, and some bad intel has been leaked, try to stamp it out before it snowballs. But in my opinion the best way to deal with these types of situations is to have a good public interaction team who can fix the problem. LIKE ME and the team at Incept! :D Have a good team of customer service reps available to interact with your clients and be there to make them feel safe and secure! A soothing voice can go along way....

Misinformation is a deadly monster that spreads like wildfire. And you have to get a handle on it before it gets the handle on you!

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